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Worms: Open Warfare PSP Free Download


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Worms: Open Warfare PSP Game

Game Information:

Worms: Open Warfare is a single and multiplayer artillery, strategy video game released on March 22, 2006 in North America, March 24, 2006 in Europe, and on August 30, 2007 in Australia for PSP and Nintendo DS. Worms: Open Warfare full game was developed by Team17 and published by THQ.

Worms Open Warfare free download game

Gameplay/ Walkthrough:

Worms: Open Warfare free game enables you to have control of a flush of worms. Your major objective of the game is beat the opposing flush of worms by way of decreasing the health points of enemy worms. You’ll be using several different kinds of weaponry whilst avoiding friendly fire and other barriers. The weapons and gadgets are as follows: grenades, homing missiles, bazookas, cluster bombs, banana bombs, dynamite, air strikes, shotguns, uzis, firepunches, dragonballs, prods, blowtorches, mines, ropes, girders, jetpacks, teleports, and explosive sheep. Worms: Open Warfare free version game also enables you to select a wide variety of settings to combat, in order to establish you own schemes and teams.
Worms: Open Warfare PC game includes rounds; each will get started with 100 hit points. Every team is given an opportunity to take turns, thus taking control of their worms. You have only 1 minute to lead you worm in the battlefield, in order to attack the opponent worms. However, you can customize this when you’re playing non-career games. Per turn has only one attack. If all the turns are calculated, each round will have a 20-minute time restriction. In case the timer reaches 0:00 before either of the teams is victorious, every worm’s HP reduces to 1, resulting in a ‘sudden death’ scenario. Throughout the round, crates carrying health or weapons shall fall occasionally and the water level will go up.


Worms Open Warfare full version game

Worms Open Warfare download now



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