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Where to Get Real Games Reviews

Where to Get Real Games Reviews
Where to Get Real Games Reviews

Here we keep tabs on some popular websites where you can get reviews for video games.

1. GameSpot

GameSpot is a renowned gaming site with lots of decisive reviews for video games. You will also discover recent news on its home page, with tabs to filter out by your favorite systems. GameSpot reviews big and small games of all platforms. For something more, it lets you watch its video shows to connect with different gamers. The site is occasionally quirked with its reviews – for example; the writers state they did not play through the whole game. Overall, it is a quality site.

2. Metacritic

Metacritic allows you to read through reviews and check out a fast score on how a game is performing. Since it isn’t a review site, yet it totals scores from different game review sites, like Rotten Tomatoes for movies. While looking for a game, you will see a weighted score from 1-100. You can navigate to know about individual reviews or see what the pundits say about user games reviews. It is usually complicated to total a game’s quality in a single number. Accordingly, numerous people are not so happy with the weight on Metacritic, yet it’s a beautiful site to begin your research on a game. Know that a score is not all that matters.

3. Game Informer

Game Informer is another popular video game site. Not at all like different websites that have content for motion pictures and TV, this one is about games. You will discover news, sneak peeks of upcoming games, reviews, and features. It is an old-fashioned take on a game site in recent times, which is overwhelming. A majority of staff are old game players, and the site has an expert vibe to it. Reviews explain about graphics, playability, etc. By and large, Game Informer is a site from those who admire video games for the players. The website does not review all games, except what’s here is magnificent, and there’s no political gibberish to stress over.

4. Destructoid

Destructoid is an extraordinary gaming website, publishing content regularly, with many articles showing up every day. This incorporates updates on specific games, previews of upcoming games, and opinion pieces. Destructoid is not only a gaming news website, but rather it posts reviews of PC and console games, and portable titles and even DLC. Its reviews are to-the-point, and they pursue a flexible scoring system.

5. GameRadar+ Another renowned gaming new website is GamesRadar+, which published news, reviews, features, hands-on looks at new games, etc. The site allows you to read through articles on your favorite platforms (PS4, Xbox One, or Switch) or look at the most recent news and reviews. GamesRadar+ does not review the volume of games, unlike other sites. When writing, the site’s last 20 reviews go back around five months, showing out that its staff takes as much time as is needed and doesn’t surge out reviews.


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