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What Changes Await Us In WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1?

What Changes Await Us In WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1?
What Changes Await Us In WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1?

Shadowlands is an expansion that has meant a before and after in the World of Warcraft universe, introducing changes that considerably improved the game experience and that were very well received by the massive community of players of this mythical MMORPG.

Blizzard introduced The Great Vault to the game, a new weekly loot system that allows players to choose between 9 items per week depending on their personal taste, finally discarding that random element that we suffered so much since the previous expansion.

Additionally, the inclusion of Torghast should also be noted. A new roguelike style system that gives many new variations to the gameplay and has made the game even more fun and addictive than before.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best moments in the history of World of Warcraft, as Blizzard has heeded player complaints and launched an expansion tailored to the needs of its community.

Now, the question is: Will they dare to change something in patch 9.1?

Blizzard hasn’t talked too much about the new update patch that will be introduced to WoW Shadowlands, but Ion Hazzikostas has been very emphatic when he says that balance is one of the most important things to them and that they will always care that players have a smooth and fair progression within the game.

“A big topic of discussion has been the way loot works in the final Shadowlands game. We significantly reduced the speed at which players get item rewards, but at the same time we also removed the randomness and tried to give them all clearer goals to pursue and monitor your progress towards them ”.

Regarding PvP, the developer stated that he is very satisfied with what is currently being seen in the game and that they will be looking to make the experience within the dungeons even more satisfying.

However, he did not talk about gold, so players can buy wow gold at goldpiles without any problem, just as they have been doing all this time.

“When it comes to PvP items specifically, we’re very happy with how it’s going, but we think we can do more to make the experience of running dungeons and raids more satisfying when you don’t get a specific item you were hoping for. Otherwise, balancing remains an ongoing focus, both through ‘overhaul’ adjustments to the live game and through more complex changes to player abilities, and especially the new Shadowlands systems like legendary items and covenants, which will come in later patches ”.

These statements have led to speculation on social media about the inclusion of a vendor like the one we saw in Cataclysm that allows players to obtain dungeon items in exchange for gold or other more easily collectible items.

The truth is that we have to wait for the BlizzCon of February, there will surely Blizzard unveil its plans regarding WoW Shadowlands and their other titles such as Overwatch 2 and WoW Classic.

World of Warcraft is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and Mac OS.

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