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Watch Free Movie Apps for Android

Watch Free Movie Apps for Android
Watch Free Movie Apps for Android

Android is an excellent platform for movies, no matter you use your phone or watch on a 4K smart TV. Since Netflix and Amazon Prime are already famous, there are other free applications with loads of movies. So in this article, we have picked about the best free movie applications for Android.

1. Showbox

Showbox is a highly renowned Android application, allowing you to watch free movies and TV shows to smartphone, tablet, or computer. The developers have also introduced its PC version. In the future, you can also use Showbox apk on Kindle Fire or Mac devices. Just imagine that you have YouTube Movies, Vudu, Netflix, all in one application.

Not only can you watch videos on Showbox but also download them to your devices for offline use, from both P2P and non-P2P sources. For the most part, you will stream from torrents.

2. Vudu

Vudu is another incredible movie application that is snuck by radar. It has both paid and free content. It admirably has free stuff as well, which features the 90s movies like Any Given Sunday and Mr. Pleasant Guy, and the 80s film that moved Tom Cruise to fame, Risky Business. The rundown goes on, getting down to cult classics like Critters and Mortal Kombat.

Another impressive feature of Vudu is that when you pick up a movie, it reveals its rating on Rotten Tomatoes, giving you an idea about whether the film is worth watching. For example, the spectacular Mortal Kombat just got a 38% rating on the website.

3. YouTube Movies

YouTube has its on-demand movie service nowadays. If you are looking in the right places, there are full versions of blockbuster movies which are slipped into being under the copyright purview of YouTube. Still, you can find about Free to Watch section as you browse the YouTube Movies channel. Well, it does not have all your favorite movies but features Get Shorty, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Jiro Dreams of Sushi.


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