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Up Your Game: Why Gamers Should Have Standing Desks

Up Your Game: Why Gamers Should Have Standing Desks
Up Your Game: Why Gamers Should Have Standing Desks

As most of you reading this already know, gaming is big business.

In 2019 alone, the video gaming industry generated almost 150 billion dollars in revenue. Yes, that’s billion with a ‘B’. This can only mean one thing: video games are not solely about entertainment anymore, they generate serious cash, and may even be a sustainable career for a lot of people.

Just like most professions, gamers may be subjected to injuries that can happen “at work,” or in this case, from injuries they may incur from sitting down too much and moving too little. Carpal tunnel, back problems, neck issues– all these are but a few examples of physical stress injuries gamers may suffer from due to their lifestyle.

As the video gaming industry grows more profitable, it shouldn’t be surprising to see more industries attempt to reach out to gamers for their support, standing desk manufacturers included. For so long, gaming chairs have cornered much of the spotlight, but recent trends have shown that streamers (gamers who bring their gaming experience to the Live stream stage) are gradually switching to standing desks for gaming, as well.

Who Benefits the Most from a Sit to Stand Desk?

Do gamers actually benefit from standing up when gaming, or would an ergonomic chair suffice? Practically speaking, anyone who relies on their computers for income, not just gamers, may benefit from sit-stand desks. How?  Simply put, gamers can benefit from a sit to stand desk the same way anybody else who spends a lot of focussed time at a desk (e.g. stock trader, software programmer, graphic designer, accountant, etc) does.

The science behind this is simple: hours that gamers spend in front of their computers or consoles are no different from the hours a professional spends in front of their desks. RSI, or repetitive stress injuries, that many gamers are silently dealing with, are no different from the stress injuries, carpal tunnel, and intense backaches that desk workers are at risk of getting from their workplace. Now, imagine if a gamer kept a day job AND still did gaming at night. A day job where they worked on a computer and were required to work while seated idly in their cubicles. Eight hours of sitting at work plus six to eight hours of sitting for gametime at home results in almost 16 hours of idle sitting (we’re not even including the travel time here). This is an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting is so unhealthy, that the American Medical Association once declared it to be the “new smoking,” and in recent surveys, considered it to be the number one leading, preventable cause of death among young professionals. Across the continent, American doctors, especially those who have closely studied the work of Dr. James A. Levine of the Mayo Clinic, have gone as far as labelling excessive idle sitting to be a symptom of the “sitting disease.”


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