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The Last Story WII Download Free


The Last Story

The Last Story WII Full Version Game

Game Information:

The Last Story is an action role-playing, tactical role-playing, stealth video game released in 2011 for Wii. It was developed by Mistwalker and published by Nintendo.

The Last Story download

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

The Last Story full game allows the player to control the game by using either the Classic Controller, or the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. One of the important features is ‘Gathering’, an ability allowing Zael to bring the attention of foes so as to acquire time for his allies to have spells whilst absorbing to cause a damage to his foes attacks to and then hurl it back at them. There is also an important feature, ‘Focus’ enabling the player give an order to allies so as to set long range attacks at particular targets and observe the aspect, which their foes are weak at. An example of focus ability is visualized in a sequence in the first trailer where Yurick is given an order to emanate fire magic with intent to bring down a bride, on which foes are everywhere. When it is shown by a pointer, it means that allies are set as target at any time.
The Last Story free game allows the player to order the other characters in real-time. It features to direct allies, explaining magic casters to ruin bridges, stalagmites, columns or particular far away enemies as as example. Up to 6 players they can compete against themselves or team up to confront monsters or battle against each other. The game includes single and multiplayer modes.


The Last Story game download



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