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Shrek 3 Game Download


Shrek 3 Game Download

Shrek 3 game download free full version for pc with direct download link. Get Shrek the third game PC setup file for free.

Shrek 3 Game Download

Shoulder: Thrice the fun, thrice the action, thrice the greed
Third in the series, Shrek the Third is the sequel to Shrek 2. It is an action-adventure video game, published by Activision. The game is available for almost all of the platforms.

Shrek 3 pc game download

Overview of Shrek 3 Game

Shrek 3’s story line quite reminds you of the film.You must go back long before you spent bucks to watch Shrek the Third. Shrek, the ogre,but uglier, is tasked to look for Artie so he can make a great King of Far Far Away. The plot seems incomplete without a villain. Prince Charming spreads terror around, bent on usurping the throne.Like its predecessor Shrek 2 PC game free downloadShrek the Third is also played by different characters, such as Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, Fiona’s cousin Arthur, and Sleeping Beauty. There are 20 linear levels, causing the film’s main story to balloon in single-player, as well as multi player modes.

Gameplay of Shrek 3 Game

There is a high level of ability among the characters except for Puss in Boots that can double jump. Shrek 3 game download is playable similarly like its old parts! If you have gone through a level, you earn Far Far Pounds – the in-game currency you can use for buying items in the shop. Your character usually confronts boxes, barrels, and other items that you can smash away throughout the levels. Some smashable items are filled with fairy dust that is used for special moves, and some have coins and food. Gold or red in color, these coins are Far Far Pounds. Being driven by greed for money is the naughtiest wish in your list;however, this is allowed in Shrek the third game PC to purchase items in the shop.

To block your way, the henchmen come in different shapes, such as pirates, guards, athletes, evil trees, and witches.Your character mostly uses his hands to fight, whereas advancing to the levels, it uses swords to skewer the enemies. Having hit a henchman multiple times, you can also release a finishing move, thus brutally killing him. Every enemy drops a purple fairy dust. They will spell it out for you!

The setup download is also consists of six mini games. They do not affect the original game. Never.Sometimes, it’s good to take a break. If you’re fed up playing the main game, these puny games won’t bore you but earn you medals of gold, silver, and bronze. Give it a try in the given direct download link!

Shrek the third game PC

Shrek 3 Game System Requirements

CPU: 800MHz
OS: Windows Xp/7/Vista
RAM Memory: 512 MB
Hard Free Space: 3 GB
Video Memory:64 MB Graphic Card
Sound Card: Yes
Direct X: 9.0c

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