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Pursue your Interested Course related to Gaming Technology

Online Courses related to Gaming Technology

Online Courses related to Gaming Technology

Pursue your Interested Course related to Gaming Technology

Why study something that you are not interested in? If you are a gamer and want to spend your whole life in the gaming industry then I suggest you to opt for engineering related the same field. Developing a game needs lots of expertise, and is created through collaboration. So if you are a game enthusiast and would like to pursue B.Tech Course in Game Design etc in a metropolitan city then Noida is the city for you. It has many gaming development companies.

Evolution of Gaming Industry

In 1950s, scientists had built the first video game as instructional tool or to demonstrate the capabilities of new technologies. Basic forms of artificial intelligence were tested on games like tic-tac-toe or chess.

Then in 1970s, video games were commercialized. As more compelling games and tactile features such as joysticks started to hit the market, even the most basic users were accessible to the games.

During late 1970s, many restaurants in U.S. started to install video games. These multiplayer games were limited to players competing on the same screen. Then in late 1973, a game called “Empire” was launched which let the players to compete on separate screens.

Also, during the same era personal computers and mass-produced gaming consoles came into reality. Intel’s world’s first microprocessor led to the creation of human-to-human combat shooter games.

In 1977, Atari VCS (Atari 2600) was released by Atari. This product had slow sales in the beginning as it was expensive and Americans were still getting used to the idea of colour TVs at home. Moreover, this console was designed to play only 10 simple games. However, it included an external ROM slot where game cartridges could be plugged in, and this was the potential which was quickly discovered by programmers around the world. This led to the creation of games which far outperformed the console’s original design.

After that, the gaming community started increasing and new technologies were developed for creating games. And with this started gaming over networks. LAN gaming became popular with the release of Marathon on the Macintosh in 1994.

Later when multiplayer games were opened up on the internet; it took the multiplayer gaming to the next level. At this point, Windows 95 and affordable Ethernet cards were released which further expanded the popularity of multiplayer LAN games as we see today.

As the capabilities of the Internet and computer processor technology improved, we could see that every new batch of games with respect to graphics and console blew the previous generation out of the water. And as smart phones have hit the market, we have seen yet another phase of gaming.

Right Choice for Colleges

There are various B.Tech Colleges in Noida that offer B.Tech Courses for one to enter the gaming industry. So if you are interested in developing a game then you can choose any one of the below listed fields:

  • Programming (Graphics, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Game Play, Audio, Networks, Back-end, Database)
  • Graphics (3D environmental objects, 3D Characters, 3D Hard surface modelling, 2D textures, icons, logos, UI, Special effects, particles
  • Animation
  • User Interface (Experience Design, Interface Design)
  • Design (Level / Game Space Design, Game Play Design, Scripting, Systems Design)
  • Audio (Sound Designer, – Composer)
  • Analytics (Data Scientist)

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