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PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solved

PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem - Solved

PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solved

It is a fun hobby to play video games. If you cannot reach them on any technical issues, it is very gruesome. For example, the PS3 controller does not charge. If you play video games on a PlayStation 3 or use a PS3 controller and face problems to get it to function, read this article to its entirety.

How to Get PS3 Controller Charging?

If you are using the PS3 controller on and it’s not functioning, as if the battering is dead. When you plug it to charge, either no lights come on or four blinking red lights come on. No matter how long you leave it plugged in, the PS3 controller doesn’t charge and can’t be used.

If you have this problem with your PS3 controller, this guide can help. Read below to see different possible solutions, rejuvenating your interest in the game quickly and solve your PS3 controller not charging problem.
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The Most Effective Method to Get PS3 Controller Charging

With regards to managing the issue of battery life, there is dependably a worry that the problem might be with the battery itself and that you should supplant the battery or even the controller.

Before going to such extraordinary measures, attempt some DIY ways to deal with correcting the PS3 controller from the charging issue that has been appeared to work by and large before. Each battery issue is one of a kind, so you may need to attempt a couple of methodologies before you locate the one that works for you.

Connect PS3 Controller to Console

The most simple thing you can do is endeavor to associate the controller to the gaming framework. To do this, you should just leave the controller connected to a USB link just as it was charging. At that point press, the Playstation catch on the controller when the red lights start to streak. On the off chance that the controller is reacting legitimately now it should start to auto match up with the framework, which can settle specific issues with the gadget.

Check that the USB line connected with your Playstation framework is working appropriately, as an issue with these lines could show up, making powerlessness legitimately charge your controller. To test, using the USB rope to attempt to charge some other gadget, for example, a USB headset or another gaming fringe.

If those different things still charge regularly, this proposes the issue in your PS3 controller in place of with the PlayStation console in general.

Reset PS3 Controller

Now attempt to reset the controller. You can utilize a paper cut. Unfurl the paper clasp and put it in the little gap beneath the L2 catch. The controller ought to be connected with the support while you do this. Hold down the reset catch for some time.


Ideally, this guide has tackled your concern of the PS3 controller problem, letting you return to PlayStation gaming at all measure of time conceivable. If you needed to purchase another battery, you should show concern over it!


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