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Free Dowload Project Zero 3: The Tormented For PS2


Project Zero 3 The Tormented ps2 game

Project Zero 3: The Tormented Full Version PS Game

Game Information:

Project Zero 3: The Tormented (aka Fata Frame III: The Tormented) is a survival horror video game released in 2005 for PS2, and PS Network. It was developed and published by Tecmo. The game is the third installment in the series of Fatal Frame.

Project Zero 3 The Tormented free download

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Project Zero 3: The Tormented full game enables the player to use the vintage Camera Obscura so as to photograph and ward off ghosts. The game has a third-person perspective but the player can at any time in the game switch from first-person to third-person. There are two modes: Manor of Sleep and the real world. On the main screen, there is a ‘Ghost Filament’ signaling a ghost’s presence. If it flashes red, it signals a hostile ghost, whereas if it turns blue, it signals a neutral ghost. The Camera Obscura has a limited amount of film for ammunition, and the player must search areas high and low to get more. If he defeats ghosts or takes the pictures of neutral ghosts or seals, it will earn him points. If he has earned enought points, he will be able to upgrade/customize the camera.

Project Zero 3 free game is divided into chapters called ‘Hours’ that are further divided into ‘day-and-night’. If Rei is awake, he gets home whilst communicating other characters and developing photographs taken from the Manor or Sleep. If Rei is asleep, he get into the Manor of Sleep in the dreams. In certain Hours, the player control either Miku or Kei, each of them possesses unique abilities. To terrorize the ghosts, Rei can use the flash of his camera. There is a limitation of using camera falsh. If Miku uses ‘Sacred Stone’, she can decrease the speed of the ghosts. Kei is able jump long from one terrace of the Manor to another.


Project Zero 3 The Tormented full version game

Project Zero 3 The Tormented highly compressed



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