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Prince of Persia 3D Free Download


Prince of Persia 3D game

Prince of Persia 3D Full Version

Game Information:

Prince of Persia 3D is an action-adventure video game released in September 1999 for PC. It was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and published by The Learning Company.

Prince of Persia 3D game screenshots
Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Prince of Persia: 3D free game starts with Prince and Sultan when they both visit the Sultan’s brother, Assan. In the palace, Prince’s bodyguards are killed, he gets imprisoned, and the Sultan took over him. Later on, the prince manages to flee away from prison. Whilst progressing, it is revealed that Sultan promised Assan that he would marry his daughter with Assan’s son. The Prince approaches and is confront with Assan who by mistake killed Sultan. Instead of pursuing him, the Prince pursues Rugnor, the son of Assam, who took the Princess of Persia away. When Rugnor came to know that Princess

will not agree to marry him, he intended to finish her off. As he ties her to a big gear machine, the Princess approaches to save her. He kills Rugnor and stops the machine.
Prince of Persia 3D full game includes both exploration and combat enabling the prince to explore the palace, run across walls, going upwards and downwards by jumping in the air from between walls, avoiding traps, traversing across structures, and cross over platofm to platform, making other of well-timed leaps, easing puzzles, and sing discovered object to advance. There are many ways to stop enemies such as rebounding off walls to hit enemies. The player’s basic level is dagger that he will use it for clearing obstacles.


Prince of Persia 3D game free

Prince of Persia 3D free Download

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Win XP / Win 2000 / Win ME / Win 98 / Win 95
Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP
Hard Disk Drive: 844 MB
Video Card: GeForce 6200 LE / Radeon Xpress 1200 Series
RAM: 64 MB
DirectX: DX 8

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