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Outer Worlds: Realism in Space

Outer Worlds: Realism in Space
Outer Worlds: Realism in Space

In one of its idealistic moves, Obsidian Entertainment designed the Outer Worlds which is one of the most awaited games. Set for release in 25th of October 2019, the sci-fi RPG carries some concepts of Fallout, an Obsidian most famous production. And it will release for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft One.

Famed for their elegant productions, Tim Cain and Leonard, teamed up again to design Outer World. In their previous works, they created two masterpieces; the Fallout and the Vampire the Masquerade. There is no doubt they carried their ingenuity into the Outer World.

Outer Worlds rich storyline depicts real-life human struggles where your choices influence your career, story, and life. All game scenarios are so real and relatable, only that everything is happening on a different planet. You can find Outer Worlds and other games on https://www.gamivo.com/.

Play Mode

In a vivid exhibition of how greedy corporates can ruin the world, players become responsible for saving the Halcyon colony from deep conspiracies. By taking the challenge, players get themselves entangled amid power-thirsty factions.

As the unplanned variable, the player’s role can be twisted to serve the interests of the mega-corporations. The players find themselves fixated in a dilemma because the character they choose can work for the good of the colony or take down the territory altogether.

The Outer World incorporates flaws in players. It is a scenario where anyone can be imperfect, and the imperfections are the enemies’ secret weapon. In the game, legends get humbled after their weaknesses are tracked and used to counter them. All attacks are well planned, and where the monsters attack you, you become weaker and carry their flaw.

Like in the real world, players use the attacks as tools of building their character. With every fierce battle, players gain additional character perks in readiness for more daunting levels. For every mission you plan, a bunch of characters will want to join you. All the characters come with unique skills and characteristics, but it is your choice to decide what to do them.

Being a game of unlimited adventure, players can explore many arenas and other exhilarating locations of the Halcyon. 

Story Line

+*In Outer Worlds, players unlock a ship to take them to Halcyon. En route, the ship breaks down, and the player becomes stranded. The player meets the scientist who tries to implore him to join forces and fight the corrupt cartel. Players can take the challenge or turn the scientist to the authorities. The story is unpredictable from the beginning, and it branches based on the choices of the player.


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