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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Highly Compressed


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Download Free

Game Information:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is a racing video game released on 30 September, 2002 for GameCube, PS2, and Xbox and on October 21, 2002 for PC. Sequel to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Game, it was developed by EA Black Box and EA Seattle and published by Electronic Arts.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Set in the fictional island, reminiscent of Hawaii, NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 full game spreads well over 100 miles. Unlike previous games in the series, great focus has been put so as to let the racers to steer across the roads in a different way. The game allows the player to select a cop or a racer. If he selects a cop, he is required to beat the opponents, so he can reach the finish line at the first place; if he selects a racer, he is followed by police. ‘A dog chasing down the rabbit’ is a term used in the game for the chasing takes place between the cops and the racer. If the racer is fast, the cops are faster and sharper. They try their utmost to stop the player from moving on by setting hurdles on the streets, enabling the vehicle to drift away, busted. Not only this, they also use radar jamming to prevent him. If the cops are unable to catch the racer, they can call the additional units such Unit 9, spike strips, also help for a helicopter. Despite all of the efforts put by the cops, if the racer reaches the finish line, he will set record and get achievements. As well, he will be able to earn ‘Bounty’, an in-game currency.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PC game includes several different new cars such as Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, BMW M5, BMW Z8, Ford TS50, Mercedes Benz CLK GTR, Vauxhall VX220 and many more. Other notable features include a fictional tropical island, volcano, waterfall, beach, forest, and two villages. The race types include Championship, Ultimate Racer, Time Trial, Sprint, Lap Knockout, Knockout, Tournament and Single Race. The game includes both single and multiplayer modes.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 pc game

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 download gameMinimum System Requirements:

Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP/Vista/7 (Tested) software
Intel Pentium III (or compatible) mainframe running at 450Mhz or higher
16MB DirectX eight.1 compatible video card employing a supported chipset (see below)
128MB of RAM
DirectX compatible sound card
1.2GB of HD house
56kbps electronic equipment (for web play)
Network card for broadband or LAN play

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