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Lost Planet 3 PS3 Game Download


Lost Planet 3 PS3

Download Free Lost Planet 3 PS3

Game Information:

Lost Planet 3 is single as well as multiplayer third-person shooter video game released in 2013 for PS3. It was developed and published by Capcom. Lost Planet 3 free game marks the third installment in the Lost Planet series.

Lost Planet 3 full version

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Most of the features have been borrowed from the predecessor. The elements that have borrowed include major boss battles, extreme terrain, and the ability to pilot Vital Suits. You will be able to ride on the sides of some suits. Only one player is able to control these suits, whereas rest of two will wait and shoot. Note that there is a flying suit, enabling you to fly for a limited time.

In Lost Planet 3 full game, you will not require thermal energy to survive. You can now survive even in a cold climate in the game, thus providing you with this energy. Instead, energy can only be drained when the player pilots a VS (Vital Suit) and uses a weapon that requires energy. However thermal energy is still constantly lost unless a specific ability is equipped despite the ‘warmer climate’. If you fulfill one whole sprint with you, you may result in losing thermal energy as well. If you have lost all of your energy, you may take some from other.

In Lost Planet 3 full version game, you can also gain XP. If you accomplish extra objectives and play the game in a unique manner, it will earn more experience points. These experience points can be spent on unlocking costumes etc. If you have selected a difficulty level, it will continue until the game ends.


Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 game



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