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Kameo: Elements of Power – XBox 360 Game


Kameo Elements of Power XBox 360Kameo: Elements of Power – XBox 360 FUll Version

Game Information:

Kameo: Elements of Power is an action adventure video game released in 22 November, 2005 for Xbox 360. It was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Kameo Elements of Power XBox 360 downloadGameplay / walkthrough:

The main gameplay of Kameo: Elements of Power free game revolves around bringing 10 Elemental Warriors back into the Wotnot and enable them to retain the ability. The player will do so in order to advance through the game. Initially, Kameo possesses the power of three Elemental Warriors. However, she loses them during opening battle. If the warriors have been discharged from the Wotnot, then they are able to claim their physical forms where they are called Elemental Sprites. They do not have any power and remain apprehended by the Shadow Trolls until they are in these forms. Then, Kameo assembles the warriors from the Shadow Trolls, or from her relatives when saving them.
Shawocaster is the game in which the collecting of more and more shapes was first introduced. Kameo is different owing to her ability of sprouting wings. She is one of the few characters who can jump. Moreover, she is one of the faster characters, as she is possessed with her hover ability, and she is the only character who can pick up items. In Kameo: Elements of Power full game is accompanied with a horse and a raptor in the Badlands. It is necessary for her that she gather Elemental Fruit so as to upgrade the warriors and to unlock their full potential.


Kameo Elements of Power XBox 360 game

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