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Infamous 2 PS3 Game Free Download


Infamous 2 full vesion game

Infamous 2 PS3 Full Version

Game Information:

Infamous 2 is an action-adventure video game released in June 2011 for PlayStation 3. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, it is the sequel to Infamous full game.

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Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Infamous 2 PS3 game enables the player to take on the role of Cole and interact with citizens in Empire City. He has electricity-based powers and utilizes them whilst dealing with the citizens. Before he utilizes this power of his, he must have it. The availability of his power will be represented by a meter via heads up display. Cole can recharaged by any of the seventeen electrical sources or from any living bieng. Also if Cole loses his health, the player can also recharge him by draining electricity via any of these sources. Cole can use his power by killing enemies etc. Example, Cole can shoot at a generator causing to explode and in this way all enemies will be dead. Moreover, he can use vehicles, pick up weapons, or swim. Infamous 2 full version game also enables Cole climb up the wall and other structures. If he falls, he will not be injured/damaged. Also he can perform a great number of stunts.

Advancing through the game, he keeps acquiring powers. Acquiring power will earn him XP. If he has performed actions and stunts skilfully, and completed missions he will get rewarded, thus enhancing the effectiveness of power. The growth of his powers are dependent on his Karma level. If he is on the good side, his nuetral position reaches from Guardian to Champion, whereas if he is on the evil side, it reaches from Thug to Outlaw. If he stops to help any of the citizens in need, it will move to either direction. If he is playing a normal story mission, it may result in modifying the Karma level. Whilst playing the game, the player shall encounter Karma Moments, when the action pauses and the player is told, by means of a monologue by Cole, of two actions that can be undertaken, always a good and bad option. Infamous 2 free game also features side missions. If he has completed one, it will automatically unlock the other.

In Infamous 2 download game, there are three islands. Even though Cole may return to previous island to complete future missions, he must complete all of the missions on one island to enter another. Each island is split into sectors controlled by gangsters. If Cole remains successfull in fulfilling a mission on a sector, he can set it free from the control of gangsters, thus forcing him to flee away the sector. Completely side missions will unlock medical stations – places from where Cole will begin the game after he is dead. After rising, he can retain his power from cables, elevated train rails, etc.


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