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How to recover folder lock password?

How to recover folder lock password?

How to recover folder lock password?

Folder Lock is improved encryption software that has no loose ends. However, that doesn’t prevent any human error from happening. In any case, you might just forget your password or even lose it. But that doesn’t mean you are helpless. You can recover your password quickly with less or no effort. Password recovery can be done in multiple ways and methods. Steps mentioned below must be followed in order to recover your password.

How to recover folder lock password?

In case if you’re a registered user, enter your serial number in the field of Master Password. You can find this number on the e-mail you provided at the time of the purchase.

In case if you aren’t a registered user, tap on the link below to get your serial key right away:

If you are not a registered user,click the link below to get your serial key:


If it suits you, you may disable this feature as well to avoid any threat that may emerge

Users who’re using the trial period, can recover their passwords by contacting us:

Contact us on our social network accounts or the support center (support@newsoftwares.net) in case of forgotten password or any other similar issue.

How Folder Lock encrypts your data?

  1. To encrypt your data, you must first create ‘encrypted lockers’. Tap on the ‘create locker’ option and proceed.
  2. Name your locker where if you do not assign a name, the default name would be shown as ‘Locker1’.
  3. Moving on, a password needs to set on this locker. Make sure it is strong, hard to guess and isn’t guessable.
  4. In case if you forget your password, you can always recover it back using the password recovery option.
  5. Know that there different types of locker where by default if you do not select a locker type, the default locker type will be assigned to you – which is a portable locker.
  6. A basic locker would allow you add almost 14TB of data where you wont be able to transfer data to an external drive
  7. Know that setting or selecting the size of your locker is crucial. Once you create a locker, you wont be able to alter its size later on. So be careful in creating a locker that fulfills your need or else you wouldn’t be able to resize it.
  8. As soon as the locker gets created, the setup would show relevant details about your locker(s) like its size, name etc.
  9. In case if you want your locker to open by itself, tap on the ‘open locker’ option at the end of the setup.
  10. Moving on, you would find the status of your locker. Using the menu given here, you could close, backup, and edit your locker as you like.
  11. Accessing is done in two ways. One is by right clicking on the locker and tapping on ‘open’ option. the other is through the user-interface. To do so, tap on the ‘open locker’ button situated on the top right-middle.
  12. After opening your locker, input your password where the locker would be opened in a virtual drive Z.
  13. Simply drag and drop your files that are meant to be encrypted after virtual drive is opened. Finally, you can turn the protection ‘on’ by tapping on the ‘close locker’ button.


To be precise, Folder Lock at the time of its creation didn’t had the password recovery feature. Later on, as per the demand, the password recover feature was added for customer’s maximum utility. However, each user based on the contract they’re using can recover their password according to their respective category i.e. paid, trial, etc.


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