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How to Choose a Sit Stand Desk for Your Gaming Needs

How to Choose a Sit Stand Desk for Your Gaming Needs
How to Choose a Sit Stand Desk for Your Gaming Needs

Work is work, and gaming is gaming. Although both require the use of a computer, there are stark differences one must consider when choosing a desk for gaming purposes.

  • Stable construction. First-shooter games and other strategy games are best played from a desk that is stable, mainly due to the fact that the only way to win these games is if you are quick, strategic, and precise. Desks that wobble too much will, naturally, make it impossible for gamers to be quick or precise in their gameplay.

    That being said, two of the most important qualities to consider when choosing the ideal standing desk are stability and durability. Desks that have these qualities should be rated to accommodate at least 200 to 300 lbs of weight.  That weight includes the table top that goes on top of the desk, and even if you don’t have that much gaming gear, you don’t want the motors and gears of the desk working at maximum capacity all the time (think about your car – it may be rated for 10,000 lbs, but you probably only take 1-3 people in it for most rides).  Try to think of the table top weight and the total weight of all your gaming consoles and gear altogether, and go for a standing desk that can accommodate more than that weight. As a quick rule of thumb, if your gear is over 100lbs, you will want to look at a dual motor sit stand desk, which have motors in each leg for additional power and durability.
  • Easy to maintain. Who wants to deal with a desk that won’t be easy to clean or put together? Nothing beats low maintenance furniture, especially if cleaning is not exactly your type of pastime. When choosing the ideal desk surface, consider veneer or laminate tabletops, or any tabletop made of hardwood that can be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth (as an added bonus, solid wood tops can be refinished time and time again).

  • Spacious gaming space. Some gamers may require two wide screens when in active game-mode; others may be able to make do with one screen and multiple gaming accessories and devices. Regardless of your console of choice, it pays to find a standing desk that offers a generous gaming surface. Some of the best and widest options include table tops that are about 48 x 30 inches in width, with others going as wide as 60 x 30 inches.
    Measure your space. How much space would you need to feel like you play for Team Liquid?
  • Easy transition from sitting to standing. Finally, another important quality to consider when choosing a standing desk is to find a structure that easily and smoothly transition from sitting to standing mode in a minute or two. Your comfort may be another thing to bear in mind when choosing . In the market, you will find crank or manual adjustable standing desks, as well as programmable or automated sit stand desks.

Among busy folk, programmable standing desks have often been the favorite, but when it comes to your gaming area, go with what you feel will make the transition from sitting to standing more convenient for you.


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