A review of bejeweled 2, This game was released by PopCap Games Inc. In August 2008, price 1 pound 79 bejeweled toe is a very simple yet effective and addictive game. The main menu screen here shows you three different modes endless. Gives you continuous play action makes you play against. The timer and classic mode which show you here is certainly my most favorite you. Go presented with a grid of different colored and shaped icons. The idea is that you move these icons one at a time to get three identical icons in a row.

BEJEWELED 2 Gameplay

free bejeweled online
free bejeweled online

For example, the purple triangle and move it to the left And The three triangles disappear causing the rest of the icons to cascade down. The screen again, I can move this orange icon up, because I’m getting four in a row. I create a glowing gem which has powerup and explosive effect causing yet more of the symbols to disappear again. I can move the white across and so the game continues until you fill up this bar on the side. Then you progress to another level as you progress through the levels the game. Actually, gets a lot harder at the moment. I could easily see that that particular symbols matched. But if I get stuck.

I can always tap the hint button and this gives you an arrow pointer to show you. Which one’s a move the disadvantage of doing. This is every time you use a hint. The bow on the side here actually moves down. So, it will take you longer to complete the level.

play bejeweled 2 free online full screen

This is a very addictive game in this mode. As I said, before the classic mode you can take your time. But if I go back to the main menu and select action now in this mode this bar continually moves down. If I take too long to make my moves again. If I use hint that takes away some of that power bar. So, this is a very simple game simply matching colors of icons. Make yours whilst the idea is simple is beautifully put together. For asking price of one pound seventy-nine. You’re getting a fantastic value for money game. It’s very addictive and will keep you coming back for more. but you’ll to buy PopCap Games comes recommended from me. it’s fantastic for the iPhone and works wonderfully

BEJEWELED 2 System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 700 MHz
RAM (memory): 256 MB
Videocard: 32 MB
DirectX: 8.0


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