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Flash Flappy Bird


Flash Flappy Bird pc game

Flash Flappy Bird Free Download

Game Information:

Flash Flappy Bird is an action mobile video game released on 24 May, 2013 for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It was developed and published by Gears Studios.

Flash Flappy Bird free game

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Flash Flappy Bird full game allows the player to prevent a yellow bird, Flappy from falling down, and from coming into contact with the green pipes, with side-scrolling format. If it falls on the ground, the player loses. While saving Flappy from falling, the pipes appear. The player’s objective is to enable Flappy to fly to the right between pipes. If Flappy is about to fall, the player must flap the screen. Resultantly, Flappy will fly upwards. If the player does not flap, Flappy falls due to gravity. If the bird hits the pipe, the player loses as well, whereas if the player succeeds in crossing a pipe, he tallies a point. The more the pipes are crosses, the more the player tallies the points, along with medals awarded for the scores. Throughout the game, the variation of the pipes is the same. The player will just have to flap the screen in order to save Flappy from falling down. Shortly, Flappy must fly to the right with going upward or downward unless there is a pipe.


Flash Flappy Bird full game

Flash Flappy Bird game

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