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Finding The Ways Around?

Finding The Ways Around?
Finding The Ways Around?Finding The Ways Around?

Can be Social Gambling defined as tricking the system? Google Play, iOS and other app stores in most territories do not accept gambling apps. If you however put some gambling related keywords such as online casino, black jack, Super Hot Fruits slot and most of all slots, you will see thousands of apps coming up in search results.

By installing them you will encounter the most spectacular slot games or roulettes one can imagine. You start the game with some free virtual coins with a daily refill (on most of them).

Besides the all present irritating ads, you will encounter another problem. You will not be able to withdraw your winnings. Let me compare the traditional gambling in an online casino to a social gambling app that is easy to download in an app store.

In the first case, you have to deposit money in order to play or bet. You can play and in the case you get lucky, you can convert your funds into money on your account. Needles to say that the odds play against your chances, right?

In the case of social gambling you can start playing for free. You will be bombed by ads interrupting your game for up to 20 seconds (depending on the territory and app store). When you run out of your free funds, you will be allowed to pump your virtual wallet by spending real money. But what happens when you hit a jackpot? Well, I have the answer. You can enjoy your virtual money forever without any option transferring it into the real-world money.

Is this making social gambling a fraud?

At first sight the whole social gambling might seem like a fraud, and there is something about the feeling… but let us look at other games on the app stores. Have you ever heard of Pay to Win games? I believe there is nothing more annoying than these types of games. You start up normally and after a few levels there is no chance for you to get to a further one – unless you spend big on armour, weapons, tools… (depending on the category). I consider this to be even more annoying.

Then you have regular games, where you can go from level to level and every now and then buy an artefact that helps you on the journey. But even without it is the game good enough. Somehow I feel that social gambling is somewhere in the middle. Not as annoying as “pay to win”, but not as good as those good games.

Remember one thing. Game developers are quite expensive, when charging no less than 20 USD per hour and they need the money just like you do. If you buy a regular game such as GTA, you will no longer have to spend a penny, but the initial costs are about 70 dollars. Now what is better?  What is the most expensive? I believe the chart goes like this:

  1. Buy the game as GTA is the best option
  2. Regular games with an option to buy extra feature or extra artefact
  3. Social Gambling have a big disadvantage by not paying the jackpots
  4. Pay to win games on the last position

What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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