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Espgaluda II Black Label Xbox360 Download


Espgaluda II

Espgaluda II Black Label Xbox360 Game

Game Information:

Espgaluda II is a manic shooter video game released in October 15, 2003 for Arcade and on June 17, 2004 for PS2. It was developed by Cave and published by AMI.

Espgaluda II freeGameplay / Walkthrough:

Espgaluda II full game includes three buttons: A, B, and C. If the player presses button A, he will shoot a fire; if he holds the same button, then he will trajectorize a laser. If he presses button B, then he will switch between normal and Kakusei mode. If he presses button C, he will something for guard barrier and guard barrier gauge, whereas if he holds down button C, he will be able to utilize more gauge. However, he will fire a big beam till the time he holds it down.

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If the player gets into Kakusei mode, he finds the gem counter started draining, and the bullets of enemies turn purple. And if the gem counter is above zero, the enemies and their projectiles will get slower. If the player has killed an enemy, the bullets enemy has will become gold, and the gem counter of the player is reduced by 10. Each bullet will multiply until ‘x100’.

If the gem counter is zero, the player enters ‘over-mode’, wherein the bullets will turn red and start traveling faster than their casual speed. Additionally, the red bullets will not turn into gold. If a bullet hits the player, the guard barrier will be active instead of losing a life. Irrespective of current gem count, if enemies are killed, the player will not be able to amass any green gems. The fighters include Ageha, Tateha, Chihiro and Black. The items in the game include: Seireiseki, P, MP, E, L, and Gold ingot. The rate at which the bullet is fired is the same even though the speed varies in Kakusei mode.


Espgaluda II game



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