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Download Worms Battle Islands For Free


Worms Battle Islands pc game

Worms Battle Islands Pc Download

Game Information:

Worms: Battle Islands is a single as well as multiplayer artillery, strategy video game. It was developed by Team17 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released in November 2010 for PS Portable and Wii, Worms: Battle Islands full game is a sixteenth title in Worms series.

Worms Battle Islands pc game free download

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

There is a team consisting of several different worms in Worms: Battle Islands full version game. While playing the game, you take turns choosing one of your worms. You use the tools and weapons, so as to attack and finish the opponents’ worms, thus winning the game. There are many ways to traverse the terrain, normally by trudging across and jumping but also by bringing certain tools – for example, ‘Bungee’ and ‘Ninja Rope’, in order to move towards otherwise unreachable areas.

Each turn has a limited time in Worms: Battle Islands free game, so as to make sure you do not stop the game whilst thinking excessively or moving. There is a quantity of 50 weapons and tools used on different occasions. Once you’ve used the weapons and tools, you can save them into a ‘scheme’, such that you can select them easily in the future.

If you’ve used most weapons, they will cause explosions that give a new shape to the terrain, thus creating circular cavities. The terrains include ‘island’ or ‘cave’. If one of the following situations takes place, worms will die.

  • When a worm falls into water
  • When a worm falls over left or right
  • When a worm’s health reaches zero


Worms Battle Islands

Worms Battle Islands pc download



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