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Download Warriors Orochi 2 PS2 Game


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Download Free Warriors Orochi 2

Game Information:

Warriors Orochi 2 is a hack and slash video game released on different dates in 2008 for PS2, Xbox 360, and PSP. It was developed by Koei, Omega Force and published by Koei. It is the sequel to Warriors Orochi.

Warriors Orochi 2 pc game

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Warriors Orochi 2 free game includes a number of new features:
1. Weapons and Fusions have been upgraded to a great extent, thus enabling you to kill more efficiently.
2. Hidden Treasurs have been added on each map, allowing you to look for them, thus earning points.
3. Versus mode pits you against a wave of different enemies. You’re free to choose a team consisting of three members. Two characters will fight against each other. If you’re a tag-team match, you’ll be facing Elimination.
4. Tower: This mode allows you to eliminate more enemies than the opponent.
5. You’ll be racing in a Steeple Chase. There will be two players who will ride horses and reach the finish line. You’ll have items, so that you can increase your abilities.
6. There are 28 stages and 92 characters. Isn’t it awesome!
7. Warriors Orochi 2 full version game has Japanese voiceover.
8. Installation to Memory Stick Duo
Warriors Orochi 2 full game includes 20 new stages. It has borrowed the stages from Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends and Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Also, the game has different attires for different characters. There are three attires for each character. Of three attires, two are bestowed, whereas you’ll have to unlock the third one when your proficiency level is 10.


Warriors Orochi 2 download free

Warriors Orochi 2 full version game



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