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Download Resident Evil 6 PS3 Game Free


Resident Evil 6  PS3

Download Free Resident Evil 6

Game Information:

Resident Evil 6 full game (also known as Biohazard 6) is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game. It is the ninth major installment in the Resident Evil series. It was developed and published by Capcom. It is a single and multi-player game, released on 2 October, 2012 for PS 3 and Xbox 360, on 22 March, 2013 for Microsoft Windows.

Resident Evil 6 download free

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

There are four scenarios in Resident Evil 6 PC Game, enabling you to play the game by following the storyline. Each has its own different design each of four has four major protagonists – Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong. There will be a partner of the player who will be controlled by either the computer Al itself or by local or online multiplayer. While playing the game, the player can ask any online player to join the game at any time. And the inventories will be preserved from each other.

The player can substitute the item with another one he finds in real time. It is also possible for the player to navigate, aiming his firearms. Resident Evil 6 free game also included a new feature of tablets, wherein he can regain his health by just pushing a button. If the player wants to have more tablets, it is possible through locating herbs. In case a player runs out of his health, the other partner will revive him, as the player remains busy in trying to defend himself/herself. If the player is dead, the game will resume from the last checkpoint. The game also includes new enemies called J’avo. Ja’vo can plan attack, utilize weapons, and heal themselves, whereas zombies cannot do so. If an enemy is killed, he drops his skill, allowing the player to acquire it and making the player to increase weapon effectiveness or certain ammunition drops.


Resident Evil 6 pc download

Resident Evil 6


Title: Resident Evil 6 | PS3
Platform: PlayStation 3
Language: Spanish, English both text and voice
44 Links: 43 of 200 MB
Uploaded On Multiple Servers: All Parts Are Interchangeable



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