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Download Puzzle Bubble 2 PC Game


Puzzle Bubble 2 pc game

Puzzle Bubble 2 PC Download

Game Information:

Puzzle Bubble 2 is a single as well as two-player puzzle video game released in 1997 in Europe for Microsoft Windows. The game was developed and published by Taito Corporation. It is the sequel to Puzzle Bubble.

Puzzle Bubble 2 pc game download free

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

If you begin to play the game, there is a screen, on which you see a pattern of ‘bubbles’ in different colours. In the language of Puzzle Bubble full game, these bubbles are called balls. However, it is obvious that these are bubbles, as they pop. Have you seen these bubbles ever? Yes, in Bubble Bubble. You control the game with the ‘pointer’ at the bottom of the screen. You aim and fire the ball up. If it hits the bubbles (two or more) of the same colour, they pop. Otherwise, it remains suspending.

In Puzzle Bubble 2 free game, if you have fired the ball straight, it will go up straight, but if you have fired but not straight, it will go up zigzag (touching the walls of the arena). More popping of the bubbles will earn you more points. After you have hit some shots, the screen of the arena with the bubbles will drop down slightly. If there are bubbles in more quantity, the screen will not drop down quickly, but if there bubbles in less quantity, the screen will drop down quickly. It can be said the dropping of the screen depend upon the number of the bubbles. If the bubbles are closer to the ground, the music is fast. In case the bubbles cross the lines at the bottom, the game is over with all of the bubbles turn gray.

In Puzzle Bubble 2 free version game, your objective is to clear all of the bubbles, not letting any bubble touch the bottom of the screen. If you do not fire the bubble, it will automatically fire. If you have cleared one round, you will play another round until end with the new pattern of bubbles.


Puzzle Bubble 2

Puzzle Bubble 2 full version downloa pc game

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 134 MHz
Hard Drive Space: 16MB
Video Card: DirectX compatible
Video RAM in MB: 2MB



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