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Download Mount & Blade Warband PC Game


Mount & Blade

Download Mount & Blade Warband PC Game:

Game Information:

Mount & Blad: Warband full game is a single and multi-player action role-playing video game, developed by TaleWorlds, and published by Paradox Interactive. Sequel to Mount & Blade, it was released on 30 March, 2010.

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Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Mount & Blade: Warband pc game features medieval weapons, units, combat techniques—especially cavalry—and strategy exclusively. It does not include magic. However, it features an expansion of the original game’s universe and play mechanics. That is, playing Mount & Blade game is not necessary. If the player enjoys single-player mode he can create a character, align himself with one of the five fictional, yet historically realistic, factions existing in the gameworld and set off to carve out a realm for himself is the kingdom of Calradia. Along the way he will meet units of other factions on the battlefield with continued success, elevating his character, and units. Along with being able to control his character, the player can command and control his units in a real-time strategy (RTS) like capacity. Unlike the original game, in Warband players are afforded diplomatic tools and strategies such as political marriages, which can ultimately enable him to move beyond simply overthrowing a monarch, instead enabling him to take the throne himself and even install vassals.

One of the main changes is the addition of multiplayer capacity, the introduction of a sixth faction, the redesigning of the overworld map. Moreover, it also features enhanced graphics, along with new animations in battle.

Mount & Blade: Warband free game features a variety of multiplayer scenarios. It can range up to 64 players. It also features various modes for online players viz. Deathmatch, Team Deathmach, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle, and Siege.


Mount & Blade cheats

Mount & Blade warband

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000 (SP4)/XP (SP2)/Vista
Processor: Pentium III 1.4 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
RAM Video: 64 MB
Graphic card with Pixel Shader 2.0
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB Free Space
DirectX: 8.0c



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