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Download Lords of the Realm III ~ 3


Lords of the Realm 3 Game

Lords of the Realm 3 Full Version

Game Information:

Lords of the Realm 3 is a real-time strategy released on March 17, 2004 for PC. Third installment in the game, it was developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment.

Lords of the Realm 3 free game
Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Lords of the Realm 3 full version game has noble personalities. The player must select one or customize his own noble.  A noble is possessed of three features: housename, portrait, and heraldry. Before playing a campaign or battling map, or loading a saved game, the player must select a noble first. If he has chosen a noble, then all of the battles are available. It is necessary for the player to complete each level in sequence. There are four campaigns, divided into different scenarios.
If the player is fighting a battle map, he is in a battlefield. As well, he is accompanied by the soldiers. If he defeats all of the companies of the soldiers, he is declared a winner. This is how the game is played, meaning the gameplay is same in all the campaigns. The soldiers are further split into vassals, which are further classified into the following: Knight, Priest, Burgher, and Serf. Lords of the Realm 3 free game includes single and multiplayer mode as well.


Lords of the Realm 3 download

Lords of the Realm 3 pc game

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
Ram: 256 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Hard Space: 850 MB
CPU: Intel Pentium III @ 800 MHz

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