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Download Free Resistance: Fall of Man PS3


Resistance Fall of Man PS3 Game

Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 Full Version

Game Information:

Resistance Fall of Man is a first-person shooter video game released on November 11, 2006. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Resistance Fall of Man game download
Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Resistance: Fall of Man free game is set in an alternate history, enabling the player complete the missions by following the storyline, using weapons. Some weapons are from circa and the others are altered based on future. The requirements of the weapons depend the situations arise in the game. The game is laced with exotic weapons and vehicles. The player must use each weapon in a unique and efficient way, depending upon the situation in the game. One of the most important weapons is Auger (Chimera). It fires simply. However, the bullets shot from it make holes into the walls. That way, the bullets comes with a lot of force from the other side. The secondary fire makes a barrier, creating a resistance to all bullets. Additionally, the player is armed with short and long-ranged weapons, grenades, etc.
Resistance Fall of Man full version game enables the player to perform melee attacks. He has a SIXAXIS controller used by him to shake the enemies, so as to grab them. On certain levels, a jeep is available for him. The jeep has a turret on it. As the player advances through the game successfully, he is able to earn skills points. There is a separate method of earn skill and generic points. Throughout each level, the Intel documents are scattered. The player must gather all of the documents. If collected all of them, then the player is blessed with an insight into events happen in present, past, and future.


Resistance Fall of Man full Game

Resistance Fall of Man download

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