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Download Free Postal 3 PC Edition


postal 3 cover page

Postal 3 PC Game

Game Information:

Postal 3 is a single-player third-person shooter video game released on November 23, 2011 for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Running With Scissors Akella and published by Akella, it is the sequel to Postal 2.

Postal 3

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

One of the essential concepts of Postal 3 full game is a ‘living world’. The characters in the game lead their lives entirely different from the actions of Dude; walking here and there town, trading merchandise, and even getting involved in unplanned shootouts with each other and the police.

Postal 3 full version game, there are many cars in the town but according to Dude, they are of no use, and cannot be driven, thus exploding will be more interesting than to use them. The animals include cats, dogs, elephants, which can be shot or burnt – or ordinarily teased by you walking into them – making them suffer to enrage and attack any person nearby. One of the unusual features is to pick up and carry the cats as an inventory. If used, Dude puts the firearm into the cat’s anus as a ‘silencer’. Whenever it is fired, the cat mews in pain and the gunshot is silent. If Dude has shot nine times, the cat goes to waste, thus flying from the end of the weapon. Most of the dogs seem to be Dude’s friends if he keeps feeding them with biscuits, pizza, donuts and fast food. If he is able to fulfill canine’s loyalty, the dog will spring to attack the one who attacks Dude or alternatively, any person whom the Dude attacks. The cats are chased by the dogs and killed. If Dude throws something, the dog will be able to fetch it. Dude is free to select to combat and kill Coleman or simply get the book to sign. If the book is signed, Dude will say to Coleman that he loved. No matter what the Dude’s actions are, the police storm the building in an attempt to arrest Gary Coleman and a gunfight ensues which invariably results in Coleman’s apparent demise, with or without the player’s help.


Postal 3 free download pc game

Postal 3 free pc download

Minimum System Requirements: 

Processor: 1.2 GHz CPU
Memory: 256MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 7 level graphics card
OS: Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
Other: Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection



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