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Download Free Pokemon Masters Arena achieve issue


Pokemon Masters Arena  achieve issue pc game

Pokemon Masters Arena achieve issue

Game Information:

Pokemon Masters Arena Full Game is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak, Creatures Inc. and published by Nintendo. New in the series, it marks the compilation of eight mini-games.

Pokemon Masters Arena  achieve issue

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Pokemon Masters Arena Free version features eight mini-games which are Match a Pokemen Team, Pikachu’s Picture Puzzle, Spinda’s Mahjong, Poké Ball Mystery Challenge, Pokémon Trivia Challenge, Mudkip’s Bingo, Treecko’s Word Jumble, and Wynaut’s Water Shots. If you’re playing Match a Pokemon Team, you’re required to find out its content, and then strive to figure out its matching Pokemon. If you’re playing Pikachu’s Puzzle Game, you’re given a certain number of turns so that you can make the puzzle. If you’re playing Spinda’s Mahjong, it is a simple mahjong involving Hoenn Pokemon. If you’re playing Poke Ball Mystery Challenge, you’re required to spell out the Pokemon answering the questions correctly. If you’re playing Pokemon Trivia Challenge, it is simply a game of bingo. You’re asked a question, and you’ve to answer it. If you’ve given a correct answer clicking the Pokemon, you will win a chip.  If you’re playing Treecko’s Word Jumble, you’re given a blurred picture and you’ve to unscramble Pokemon names. If you’ve put the letter on its correct place, the picture will be clear. If you’re playing Wynaut’s Water Shots, you’re given Poke Ball on Wailord’s tail. The player will drag on Wailord’s tail, then launch the Poké Ball into the air. You’ll win if it settles on the moving life rings.


Pokemon Masters Arena  achieve issue full version game

Pokemon Masters Arena pc



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