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Download Fight Night Champion PS3


Fight Night Champion PS3 Game

 Fight Night Champion PS3

Game Information:

Fight Night Champion is a boxing video game developed and published by EA Canada. It was released on March 1, 2011.

Fight Night Champion Game
Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Fight Night Champion full version game as based on three modes; Fight Now, Legacy Mode, and Champion Mode, newest in the series. The first is to enable the player to make a selection from the menu. The second is to enable the player to fight a series, and the third is a full boxing series. Also, there are other modes. Many players can be roped in to play online matches. In boxing, punches are strong, injury is severe, and victory is great. When the boxers are stunned, the angle of the camera shifts, and a whistle is heard. (Note that the player can turn these cinematic effects off.) Replays are added with much detail, with a close-up view of the punch hit by one boxer to another.
In Fight Night Champion free game, great effort has been made to bring real-time physics into fight, including flexing muscles, dynamic bruising, and wound. Rippling body is also added. Now the boxer causes a severe damage to another boxer. Effects can be seen on screen. Example, if a boxer strikes the face of another boxer hard, with accuracy, then it causes bruising and swelling. Additionally, if the strike is severe, it may also cause cuts, and the referee comes to make a stoppage.


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Fight Night Champion PS3 download

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