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Download Crime Life Gang Wars PS2 Game


Crime Life Gang Wars  cover image ps2

Crime Life Gang Wars PS2  Full Version Game

Game Information:

Crime Life: Gang Wars is an action video game released on November 11, 2005 for PC, PS2, and Xbox. It was developed by Hothouse Creations and published by Konami.

Crime Life Gang Wars  free download full version gameGameplay / Walkthrough:

Crime Life: Gang Wars free game has 25 missions. Also the player can enjoy free-play missions. Although the area in the game is not vast, the player can locate his fellow gang members. Each character has his own attributes, and fighting style. Health bar is displayed atop the screen.

Crime Life: Gang Wars full game allows the character to jump and attack. If the player keeps pressing the attack button at the time of attacking one or more than one enemy, he perform a combo. The character can also perform a jump attack. If the player presses attack and jump buttons together, it allows the character to perform a special attack, swiping all enemies around him. However, this special attack will reduce a little portion his health. Moreover, an enemy is grabbed when the character walk over him. If the character has grabbed an enemy, he performs a grab attack by pressing the attack button or throw him left or fight. If the character throws the enemy, it can cause damage to another character. The weapons includes baseball bats, lead pipes, hammers, and guns.


Crime Life Gang Wars  full version game

Crime Life Gang Wars  ps2 download



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