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Digital Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

digital parenting tips

digital parenting tips

Are you concerned about the excessivecell phone use of your teenager? Does the continuous online presence of your tween make you worried?You are not the one who is anxiousof the digital behavior of post-millennial kids. The parents of the digital natives have been facing challenging issues regarding parenting of tech savvy kids. The kids of the Generation Z gain access to the mobile phones and the internet at an early age. They have software, gadgets, chat-rooms, instant messaging apps, gaming apps, tablets and smartphones toget connected to the world. However, they are not mature enough to control this powerful technology without guidance. The unsupervised and uncontrolled use of the digital technologies can cause our children to face horribleconsequences such as online bullying, child molestation, sexual harassment and scamming.

Digital Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

Unfortunately, there are many parents who do not find themselves comfortable with the favorite technologies of kids.They do not know about the latest gaming apps and the potential dangers of these adult-oriented games. Moreover, they are not even familiar with the smartphone functions except the basic ones. The social media apps like Tinder, Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram are not a piece of cake for the non-tech savvy parents. Even then, they are obligated to safeguard their kids from the menaces of the technologies including social media, mobile phones and the internet.This article provides a few digital parenting tips to non-tech savvy parents on how they can make sure their screen-obsessedkids are protected.

Start Learning

You can never protect your kids from the threats you do not know about. Get to learn about the things that fascinateyour kids. If your kid is excited about a newly launched gaming or social media app, you must be aware of it. You must know what dangers are associated with that app and what the appropriate age to use that app is.

You can find all your answers on the internet. Simply put your query in the Google search bar and have answers to your questions. You can learn about latest and upcoming apps, gadgets, social media trends. Also, you can learn about the ways to make the internet secure for your kids. Start learning and reading about the stuff that may matter your kids. The more you’ll read, the more you become enabled to safeguard your kids from the threats prevailing in the digital world.

Set Digital Rules

Rules play a significant role in promoting discipline. Make a set of rules to get your kids learn about the responsible and secure use of mobile phones, computers, social media, internet and other technologies. For example,you can limit the mobile phone use of your kids by disallowing them to use their phones on dining tables, family gathering time and after a specific time of the day. Also, you can set the time limits for the use of social media and online platforms. You can seek help from the internet to get a ready-made list of digital rules for kids’ safety. Also, make sure your kids follow all the rules strictly at home and outside the home. You can set rewards or punishments for obeying or disobeying the set digital rules.

Be a Role Model

Kids do what they see their parents doing. If they find you using the mobile phones at dining table, they won’t hesitate to do the same.So, make sure you do not practice any activity that you do not want them to do. Help them learn the responsible and safe use of the digital technologies by showing them the appropriate use of the mobile phones, social media and the internet.

Celebrate technology-free days

Let your kids learnto live their life without the use of mobile phones and the internet. Plan a technology-free tour for at least once a week.Encourage your kids to participate more in physical activities rather than giving more time to screens.

Use Parental Controls

Make sure you use parental control software for mobile phones and computers. While the Google offers default parental controls to restrict kids’ access to age-inappropriate stuff, there are numerous other parental control software applications allowing parents to protect their kids from the potential dangers in the real and cyber world. The parental control apps such as TheOneSpy and Net Nanny allow parents to monitor and control the internet use of children. The cell phone monitoring appenables parents to supervise their kids’ messages, calls, contacts, emails, media files, internet use andsocial media apps without accessing their cell phones.This app facilitates non-tech savvy parents to stay informed of their kids’ all online and offline activities using the simplest and easy-to-understand cell phone tracking app.


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