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Crystal of Reunion Mobile Game – A Review

Crystal of Reunion Mobile Game - A Review
Crystal of Reunion Mobile Game – A Review

Crystal of Reunion is a versatile simulation strategy game for Android and iOS, developed by Gumi Inc., the maker of other hit F2P games, such as Brave Frontier and Phantom of the Kill. It allows you to take on the role of a ruler given a ring called Crystal of Re:union where you will bring in prosperity to your kingdom with the support of a saint, based on the fantasies and legends.


Exactly as expected, Crystal of Reunion plays like your typical kingdom manufacturer. You have a list of structures, units, and targets to tick off your task list. Like a number of other different titles of the same genre, you will invest your energy assembling your kingdom by redesigning these structures as you progress.
Nonetheless, one of the greatest features the authentic Japanese game has contrasted with different titles is the accentuation of working up your “saint” accomplice. This legend accomplice of yours is based on genuine legendary and historical characters.


Crystal of Re:union is a game that has attempted to appear as something else, and had the option to make the gameplay experience natural, and simultaneously one of a kind, in its own right. With the worn-out gameplay features getting the Gumi treatment of looking and sounding great yet with a grindy gameplay system, CoR is a title that is an endeavor to adjust these two components and turns out with a grindy however playable raid into this adaptation of Midgard.

CoR is a title that doesn’t bring anything new with the exception of the cushion content that Gumi is generally well known for – giving a connecting with and semi-intuitive experience that is organized in a previously maturing and abused reenactment technique gameplay system. In case you’re somebody who’s hoping to get into sim-strat gaming, or is somebody who’s searching for more “lighten” in their sim-strat titles, Gumi’s Crystal of Reunion is a game that is for you. In case you are somebody who’s as of now worn-out with the sim-strat sort all in all and is searching for something new and innovative, at that point CoR is something that you should simply proceed onward from.


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