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Bloodyy Roar 2 PC Download


Bloodyy Roar 2 PC Download

Bloodyy Roar 2 PC download fee full version highly compressed game torrent. Bloody Roar 2 is a sequel to Bloody Roar released in 1999 for Arcade, PS, and PS. It was developed by Eighting/Raizing and published by Virgin Interactive, SCEA, and Hudson Soft. It contains single and multiplayer modes.

Bloodyy Roar 2 PC Download

Blood Roar 2 full version game allows you to use four buttons, so as to play the game. One for punch, one for kick, one for transformation, and one for either a throw button, an evade button, a block button and a rave button.

Bloodyy Roar 2 PC torrent
Bloodyy Roar 2 Gameplay

There are two elements, classic and current style. The examples include Tekken, Soulcalibur, Guilty Gear and Street Fighter. Some characters are borrowed from the above-mentioned games, however, some have been introduced. Additionally, some characters fight in the same way as they fight in these four games, whereas, some come up with different, new moves. For example, Yugo fights in a completely different way. And Bakurya fighting moves remain same.

In Bloody Roar 2 free game, the gameplay is as same as that of the above-mentioned four games as there command moves and standard move. Standard moves mean that you’re required to press a combination of buttons to perform combos, whereas command moves are unique moves, requiring you to use a rolling technique and inputting particular commands with the directional pad, like Street Fighter. Approximately there are 14 combinations techniques available with every character. These techniques vary time to time, enabling nigh on 40 – 70 techniques with each character.

Every character has at least 8 command moves. The character can use these 8 command moves with those standard moves or combos, incorporating into cancel points. Each character comes up with 20 – 40 cancel points. With the combination of command and standard moves, the character can use the cancel points or avoid them.

Bloodyy Roar 2 download

Bloodyy Roar 2 System Requirements

Operating System: Win XP/Vista/7/8
CPU:700 MHz
HDD: 40 MB Free
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
DirectX compatible Sound Card
Keyboard & Mouse


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