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Architectural Designs and Technology

Architectural Designs and Technology

Architectural Designs and Technology

Are Architectural Designs and Architects influenced by Technology?

Architecture has come a long way. From freehand sketches to software designs, technology has paved its way for an entirely new era of architectural designs. Sketching designs and imagination still remains as the backbone of creating best designs but in order to present it in the perfect manner in this era, one might consider using the respective software and other technologies.

One should never forget the basics but creating designs is an art and art is never constant. Architects have to blend in with the changes which happen with time.

Technology has made it easier for architects to increase their productivity. Marketing of their skills through various social media platforms has also become easier. Technology pretty much influences every aspect of our lives.

What role does technology play in the current generation architectural designs?

Accept it or not, the current generation is too dependent on technology. Everybody wants to create their works with ease and as quickly as possible, and technology fulfills the same. How an architect communicates or presents his ideas marks his success or failure.

A good architect must have the skills of communicating his/her ideas well and this communication is mostly taken forward with the help of technology like digital modeling, designed component-based systems and more. It allows the architects to design complex, smarter and efficient buildings and structures, exposing them to different ways and techniques of architecture.

In this era of multi-storeyed buildings and sky scrappers, designing and execution are made easier with the help of technology. If you have developed an interest in architecture or wish to get a degree in architectural technology or architecture, you can always choose to study online. You can start by searching on the internet for the online architecture degrees. You can pursue online degrees from reputed colleges for far more affordable tuition than from a traditional college degree, from anywhere in the world.

The Technology Used in Designing Architecture

Architecture and Design are applied sciences which use technological research and development to enhance their quality and quantity of work. Some of the applications used by designers and architects are as follows.

 3-D Printing

With 2-D prints, one can’t be sure about how the end product will look and hence 3-D printing is a useful technology in the field of design and architecture. 3D printing has become easier with the development of various digital printing platforms. First, a digital file is created in a computer-aided design (CAD) software. It is then exported as a standard tessellation language (STL) file, which means that the file is translated into a form of triangular representation.

STL is a common and important language in the 3-D printing industry. The STL file is then sliced into numerous 2-D layers like slices in a loaf of bread. A 3-D printer then reads the 2-D layers as building blocks which it layers one on top of the other and forms a 3-D object. The various 3-D printing technologies are  Fused Deposition Modelling, Laser Sintering, and Direct Metal Laser Sintering. In order to learn this, you can search for colleges which provide a program in 3-D printing or Architecture, for example, if you look for  the online colleges in New Jersey, it will give you a list of all the colleges providing architecture programs

CAD Software

A Computer Aided Design software is used by Architects, Designers, and engineers to create drawings or designs with precision. This software helps in creating both 2-D and 3-D designs. Architects need to create many drafts before they arrive into their final design and this software makes this process a lot easier. It also helps them assess and solve complex problems. It often includes animation which lets the client take a virtual tour of the design. The obvious and important advantage of CAD is that it helps in creating more complex geometry than before.

3-D Modeling and Rendering

3-D modeling is the process of creating a model in the same way it would look like after it is actually made. It can be achieved through various 3-D modeling software. This will help the architect in recognizing the faults, space requirements and thereby increasing the accuracy of the design.

Rendering allows the final version of the 3-D design to be in a ‘flat version’.

Virtual Reality

The term virtual reality means near to reality. This has the capability to really sell our ideas and designs far better than any other medium. It lets the people analyze the design in a 3-D environment be it any room, floor or even a whole building. The very latest smartphone devices are powerful enough to support virtual reality graphics, making it easily accessible and less time-consuming. It allows people to react to real-world scenarios, helping architects to better understand how safe their design really is, and what improvements and corrections are perhaps required.

In conclusion, architure has come a long way since the development of technology. It is still constantly evolving as the world demands for innovative designs and architure. This profession can give high yielding results and good job prospectives.


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