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All You Have To Know About Paintball Hopper – How It Works

All You Have To Know About Paintball Hopper – How It Works
All You Have To Know About Paintball Hopper – How It Works

Purchasing a Paintball loader can be super difficult if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. We have an extensive selection of both high-end and basic paintball loaders to choose from, not to mention everything in between! Here’s a little run down of some of the hoppers we carry.

If you want to maintain your firing capability and control the power of paintball gun then you have to use best paintball hopper as well. For that you need to know the use of paintball hopper and its usage policy.

On the cheap side, better yet ~ beginner stage, we have your standard Gravity fed paintball loader. An example of this type of hopper would be the 32 Degrees standard 200 round hopper. This loader is compatible with all paintball guns on the market (Excludes Cyclone feed).

However, being gravity fed, it will only feed as fast as the paintballs drop. Gravity feed hoppers usually consist of a 200 round container complete with a lid. With a maximum feed rate of 5-8BPS, these hoppers may become jammed as too many balls accumulate above the tube. Of course, when this occurs, rocking the gun gently should successfully dislodge any jammed paintballs.

Next, we have the Extreme Rage, Kingman, Invert and Tippmann paintball hoppers. These loaders are both inexpensive and effective for any player on a budget. Being electronically agitated, these hoppers provide a constant flow of paintballs to the gun at roughly 10-12 balls per second.

These are good options for any type of player who does not have a ton of money but wants an effective electronic loader for their gun. The lowest level of these will run constantly while turned on. The higher end of this level including the Invert DHalo Too will only run as paint is needed, so your hoppers is not running if you are not shooting.

Moving on, the Empire line of paintball hoppers range from good to great in regards to performance! Nothing stands up to rough scenario paintball competition like an Empire Hopper. Sound activated firing means this paintball hopper loads a ball every time you fire your marker.
Good-bye misfires, hello rapid-fire fury! Forget about chopped balls. Empire hoppers even let you adjust the sensitivity of the sound activated feed system.

The Empire Prophecy is Empire answer to the ultimate tournament level paintball loader. The latest incarnation of the prophecy is the Prophecy Z2
Easily the most recognizable paintball hoppers around, Halos have held the top spot by the pros for some time! Whether it be tournament play or just high intensity friendly fire, Halo hoppers get the job done! These babies combine incredible speed with precision monitoring.

Infrared technology actually tracks the acceleration rate of the ball stack to keep the drive spring properly set. When you increase your firing rate, the Halo hopper ups the feed rate. The Halo hopper, like most other high-end paintball loaders, is EYE activated which entirely does away with chopped balls!

That, along with its ‘stock’ 22+ BPS firing rate enables its user to fire at will and own the competition! If 22+ BPS doesn’t get you excited, check out halos even higher-end paintball loaders complete with upgraded V35 boards ramping up your firing abilities to just about as fast as your fingers can trigger!

And last but certainly not least, DYE Paintball’s latest and greatest paintball hopper yet. the all new DYE Rotor Dye Rotor! With unmatched aesthetics, the Dye Rotor does more than just look good!

REVOLUTIONARY PATENTED ROTOR TECHNOLOGY – The ROTOR LOADER far exceeds pro level feed requirements with an ever-impressive 50+ balls per second feed rate. No need to even speculate, just try to beat this beast on the field! Battery performance on this baby is insane with 50K+ shots recorded before they got tired of counting.

So, there you have it, start with your paintball marker and go from there! Whether you’re looking to upgrade you’re already-sick set-up with a high-end terror of a paintball hopper or simply just getting started, ZephyrPaintball.com has everything you need to get in the game and dominate!


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