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Alien Shooter The Experiment PC Download


Alien Shooter The Experiment pc game cover

Alien Shooter The Experiment Download Free

Game Information:

Alien Shooter: The Experiment is an action top-down shooter video game released in 2004. The game was developed and published by Sigma Team.

Alien Shooter The Experiment full version pc game

Gameplay / Walkthrough:

Alien Shooter: The Experiment full game has been brought after it loads of improvements. There are eight characters, out of them you are required to select one. Each character has a different variety of equipment. You can gain XP if you have killed an enemy. If you have earned sufficient XP, it will take you to another level with increased stats.

In the levels, there are items for you to purchase. You can go to these stations and buy weapons, implants, armor, ammunition, miscellaneous items – for example, flashlights or medkits, with money found in the levels or earned from accomplishing objectives. Using each weapon will depend upon the level. Example, if you want a deadly weapon, you are required to fulfill the minimum skill requirement to utilize it.

In Alien Shooter: The Experiment free version game, you can get from a list of perks during the initial character design. You have a list of 8 perks to select from – for example health regeneration, thievery, and hypnotism – and if you have selected once, you will not be able to change the perk. It will be your stats and can be upgraded while playing the game. If the game is over, you can put your score into a global scoreboard. If you’ve ever used any cheats while playing the game, it will as well be shown in the board.


Alien Shooter The Experiment free download

Alien Shooter The Experiment full version

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/ME/Vista/7
Processor Memory: Intel PIII at 800MHz or better
RAM: 128MB or Better
Hard Disk Drive: No Required To Lot Of Space.
DirectX: V9.0 or higher
Sound Card: Windows Compatible.



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