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A-Train 9 Download Free


A-Train 9 Game

A-Train 9 Full Version

Game Information:

A-Train 9 is a train simulation video game developed by Artdink and published by Maxis. It was released on February 11, 2010 in Japan, and on March 15, 2012 worldwide.

A-Train 9 full game
Gameplay / Walkthrough

A-Train 9 free game puts the player into the shoes of a railway company. There is not any perfect competition amongst companies. One company is run by the player in an open market. There are two kinds of transport the player can use; passengers or building materials. Both have their own characteristics and features. Passengers transport generates more profit than building materials which only helps the city to grow.
Where there are buildings being constructed, the building materials are taken there. This is initially started with constructing houses. However, it functions more efficiently when roads, shops, and other buildings are constructed. The player earns extra revenue by constructing these properties, thus enabling the city to grow as a whole. Apart from the computer generates the buildings; the player can as well construct his own buildings such as ski resorts, and hotels to earn more of income.


A-Train 9 game screenshot

A-Train 9 pc game

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